Appraising jewelry and gemstone items of rarity and one of a kind antique pieces is an exacting discipline typically more concise than conventional gem and jewelry appraising. Certain items of gemstones such as rare fancy color diamonds, natural pearls, untreated fine blue sapphires and untreated rare rubies and fine natural deep green jadeite jade demand years of experience and exposure to these exceptionally rare items as well as world markets and the pricing structure these one of a kind pieces demand.

There are not many practicing Gemologists versed in the subtleties of the country of origin of ruby, sapphire and emerald and varied treatments that make for vast differences in valuations of a fine blue sapphire or rare red ruby from another.

Jade is perhaps one of the most difficult gem species to properly analyze and appraise. Having a familiarity and finger on the pulse on the market is essential to knowing what treatment this species may or may not have been exposed to for the experienced Gemologist. The more valuable the piece the more likely it is to have been subject to deceptive enhancement treatments.

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