Natural-Fancy-Color-Diamonds-labelledToday’s fancy colored diamond market is seeing an unprecedented demand for  fancy color diamonds.

Those fancy diamonds that posess purer colors from the light to vivid, more saturated tones, are  showing high investment demand from  the  fancy diamond collector and private sectors worldwide.

Having first hand experience in purchasing fancy color diamond rough in both South America and Africa my  client base enjoys a diverse selection of colors and  a more than fair pricing structure. I am connected with diamond cutters, wholesalers and specialists in this small, sophisticated market where faint  nuances of color can account for significant differences in price. It takes years to develop the knowledge and contacts to keep a select client base content and well versed in latest developments and trends in the world of the  fancy diamond.

Please feel free to call for an extensive conversation concerning fancy color diamonds. We’ll be delighted to introduce and assist you in the intriguing  and inviting world of the Fancy Diamond.