Mogok RubyIn the world of fine ruby, Burma is the country of choice for connoisseurs for this most esteemed of fine colored gemstones.

Nothing in the world of fine ruby matches the intensity of color of the rubies from the Mogok Burma deposit.

The Mogok stone tract, in northern Burma, located approximately 400 miles north of Rangoon, is well known to produce the finest rubies that Burma has to offer.

For the last 800 years Mogok has been the focal point of the world’s finest ruby reserves. The finest of “pigeon’s blood” ruby color comes from the Mogok stone tract.

Conoisseurs the world over seek the Mogok Burma ruby over any other source.

Make certain that your prospective stone is accompanied by a certificate of country of origin and a statement that the ruby you select is untreated and has not been subjected to thermal (heat) enhancement.

My constituents and I are a source of these rubies. These stones come with documentation as to each ruby’s country of origin. Please feel free to call and discuss your particular desires.

Best regards,
Elisha R. Morgan
G.I.A. Certified Graduate Gemologist