Selling Old Mine and Old European Diamonds and Antique Jewelry

elisha__When attempting to sell old European and old mine diamonds and fine period jewelry

 the task often seems daunting to the uninitiated. The below questions can assist you in achieving the desired results and lessen the confusion to achieve the best results possible.

Locate the most knowledgeable proven expert on old European and old mine diamond and antique jewelry you have ready access to. Ask what type of education and years of experience they have. All the formal education there is will not substitute for many years of hands on experience handling one of a kind pieces and older cut styles of diamonds and rare colored gems. This particularly includes the rare fancy color diamonds there are no real price guides for.

If they are an established professional they will belong to a few organizations that you can research on line that require formalized training and certification.

The Graduate Gemologist designator is a sanctioned formal exposure to all aspects of the 90 separate species of gemstones that a Graduate Gemologist is trained in. This is obtained at the Gemological Institute of America located in the United States. Other associations are the American Society of Jewelry Historians that help to increase and round out an individual’s exposure to varied periods of gemstone cutting, jewelry manufacture as well as the provenance of each article you wish an opinion on.

The Accredited Gemologists Association of America recognizes a member’s level of proven knowledge and further deepens the knowledge and reach into the complex world of pricing the rare and unusual fancy color diamonds, Kashmir sapphire, Burma rubies, natural pearls, antique jade and exotic gems frequently found in the older pieces.

There are a select few professionals trained geologically to determine the vastly higher amount of money a fine sapphire from Kashmir or a rare Burma ruby or natural pearl brings the well informed seller. Ask their level of colored gemstone pricing structure with recent pricing on the world stage and what their connectivity is with world markets.

If you seek a cash offer be direct and ask, when they often say an item “is worth a certain sum of money”, if that is a cash offer or a theoretical value. Feel free to ask them for unsolicited client names and contacts so that you can see the manner they interact with their clients and how they performed for them.

If the professional is at a distance from you ask by what manner they will pay you. Typically a wire transfer is most efficient or a bank cashier’s check a close second. Finally be psychologically prepared to sell the item and not wish at a later time you had not sold a sentimental heirloom that you are likely not able to replace.

Please call me for any additional answers or questions at 888-724-8269. Enjoy the search.

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An Association of Senior Gemologists, G.G., A.G.A.-A.S.G.